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How To Say No To Dating Contacts on Online Dating Sites

While there are a lot of benefits to online dating sites, you will occasionally be presented with a situation in which you have to turn somebody down. It might be because you perceive that other individual to be physically incompatible with you, too old or too young for you, too far away geographically, or it can be that you simply do not think that the two of you share enough values and interests in common. How to delicately handle the situation so as not to create a problem for yourself is something that people have struggled with since the advent of online dating sites. Here are some suggestions that might make the process significantly easier for both you and the other person.

To the extent that this is somebody who you have not had any previous contact with, the best course of action is often to simply close the match. Some dating websites such as eHarmony offer users the opportunity to simply press a button labeled “Close Match” if you are not interested in pursuing contact with the other person. You simply select one of the “reasons” for closing the match and the person is moved to your “closed matches” file.

With other online dating sites, ignore any messages the individual sends you. While this may seem a little bit extreme, some individuals might react negatively to a comment indicating that you are not interested. So if you have had no previous contact with somebody and they initiate contact with you, and you decide that an incompatibility exists, most experts agree you should not respond at all.

If you have had a series of contacts with an individual and you decide for whatever reason that an incompatibility exists, experts suggest being very firm and friendly in explaining that you don’t think enough compatibility exists to continue having contact with the individual. You need to explain that you want to move on and that you would appreciate if the other person understood and respected your decision. After this, experts agree you should have no further contact with the individual whatsoever.

The final scenario is one in which somebody continues to incessantly make contact with you despite your having clearly indicated that there is no interest in pursuing a relationship on your part. It is important to you than block this individual from being able to contact you through the dating site, and that you report your concern to the administrators.

By following this advice, you will be able to better manage the contacts that you have with people whom you meet via online dating sites.

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