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How To Choose An Online Dating Service

You have made the decision to enter the exciting and hopeful world of online dating. You are eager to meet that special man or woman and fall in love. You are eager to start join an online dating service, writing your profile and start searching for matches. You just need to determine which online dating service you should use.

Use these guidelines to help you decide which online dating service to join.

(1) Set a budget for yourself. Decide how much money you are willing and able to spend on an online dating service. Most dating sites offer memberships for one month, three months, six months and one year. If you are planning on staying on a dating site for several months, it is often more economical to register for a three month membership rather than a one month membership which then has to be renewed. Fill out the basic personal registration information on a dating website and see if they email you any discounted membership offers. There are a variety of quality, popular online dating services that are free that are worth checking out.

(2) Ask trusted family members, friends or colleagues who have experience with online dating sites to give you their recommendations for the best service to join. Ask them to give you an honest opinion. If they had negative experiences with a certain dating site, take their advice seriously in making your final decision about what service to join. Once you have made a decision about the online dating service that you will join, ask these people for advice regarding writing your dating profile, posting photos and responding to matches’ emails and messages. Consider these friends, family members or colleagues to be valuable resources for you.

(3) Invest time in searching through popular and reputable online dating sites. Research as many different dating services as you can before deciding on one to join. Try to figure out which online dating services are the most popular, especially for singles in your state or province or even country.

(4) Think about joining a specialized online dating service. There are a wonderful variety of specialized dating sites available that cater to a specific market. Some dating websites are for a specific country or geographical region. Some dating websites have a religious orientation and are geared toward people of a certain faith, such as Christian or Jewish dating sites. Some dating websites are for seniors.

(5) Reduce your choices down to your favorite three online dating services. Compare them with one another, making note of the advantages and disadvantages of each dating site. Read each site’s “About Us” page, “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” page and “Privacy” page to gather detailed information. Consider each dating service’s success rate, membership fees, number of members, special features, profile formats, and customer service.

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Online Dating Profile Tips for Women: Make Yourself Standout

When it comes to online dating, your profile is everything. This is your first impression and will be the reason someone decides to contact you or not. Creating an excellent profile for yourself that stands out from the rest will be the first step in getting the responses you’re looking for and meeting that perfect guy.

Be Thorough and Interesting

Leaving your profile completely blank could make it seem like you aren’t committed to the dating process and it might make you seem lazy or uninterested. In many cases, men browsing your profile will want to know a little bit about you before sending you a message. Fill out as much as you can in your profile and be sure to be honest with your answers. Fibbing on certain aspects of your life could be awkward in the future if you ever decide to take your online relationship further.

When you’re creating your profile, try to stay away from the standard answers you see in everyone else’s profiles. It might be a good idea to read through a few of the other women’s profiles on that site and look for any pattern of average answers. Creating a profile that catches the eye and that isn’t boring shows you’re a fun and interesting person before you even start chatting with anyone.

Don’t Highlight All Your Flaws

Some of the more modest types like to get all their flaws out in the open so they don’t feel like they’re going to disappoint later. While it’s great to be honest on your profile, you don’t have to lay out everything in your life that you don’t like about yourself. A profile full of self-deprecating comments will show that you have no self confidence, and as a first impression, it may scare away some potential suitors.

Nobody’s perfect, but when creating your profile, try to be flattering to yourself while still sticking to the truth. In most cases, many of the flaws you think you have aren’t going to be flaws to someone who’s interested in you so just let him decide for himself.

Use At Least One Picture

Even if you don’t think you’re a bombshell, post a picture anyways. So many people out there, men and women alike, will not contact a profile that has no picture, and may not even respond to messages from one either. Using no photo at all may make it seem like you have something to hide or could make people think the worst. A clear, well lit photo shows you’re comfortable with who you are and a lot of men will appreciate that.

It’s good to be clear about what you want and don’t want to weed out those who wouldn’t be a good match for you, but it’s best to try not to sound too snooty or demanding. Keeping your profile light and friendly will make you sound approachable and will generally give you the largest number of replies.

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Online Dating Disasters: Common Mistakes You Could Be Making

Whether you’ve been in the online dating game for awhile or you’re just starting out, there are a few common mistakes you might be making that can easily be avoided. If you aren’t getting as many messages as you’d like or you aren’t getting the responses you’re looking for, now may be the time to change your technique and try a new approach.

You Don’t Have a Picture Posted

If you’ve got a great profile set up with no picture and you’re wondering why you aren’t getting many messages, this could be the reason. A lot of people out there don’t want to message someone they can’t visualize. This doesn’t mean they’re shallow or appearance focused, but having no picture could make them think the worst. Even if you don’t like photos of yourself, having any picture on your profile is better than having nothing at all.

You Aren’t Being Completely Honest

You don’t have to lay out your entire life story on your profile or make a checklist of all your flaws and secrets, but being honest about who you are will make things easier for you if you’re looking for a real connection. Trying to explain later why you no longer have the job you said you did, or what happened to your amazing car you mentioned, could be awkward and will make you look dishonest and untrustworthy.

Misleading or incredibly old photos can also be a bad idea when it comes time to meet your online interest. You may have developed a deep enough connection for them to look past the fact that you’re no longer 20 with a full head of hair, but in most cases, it makes a bad first impression to arrive to a date looking nothing like they expected.

You’re Too Hard on Yourself

Nobody expects you to be perfect, but filling your profile up with a list of your flaws, shortcomings, and bad habits might scare people away. You do want to be honest, but you don’t need to slander yourself. If there’s something you really think people should know, by all means put it up there, but for the most part you should make your profile as flattering and friendly as possible. They’ll have time to learn about your quirks once they get to know you, so give yourself the opportunity to get to that point.

It’s good to be clear about you want and be as straightforward as you see fit, but you want to remember that the person you’re talking to doesn’t know you yet so building a little bit of trust first will result in a better connection. Sounding jealous or desperate to someone you’ve just met is a good way to get yourself on their block list, so online or offline, keep things light with the people you’ve just met and take the chance to learn more about each other.

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Finding a Real Connection with Online Dating

Finding a Real Connection with Online Dating

Some people who use online dating sites aren’t always looking for a long-term relationship. If you want to find the man or woman of your dreams, you’ll need to know how to steer clear of these people and look for like minded online daters to create a true connection with.

Sign Up On the Right Site

Some sites cater specifically to people looking for a more casual type of connection while others are focus more on matching up individuals for marriage. Larger, more popular sites may be set up to offer both and will allow you to indicate what you’re looking for. Pay sites will usually have people who are more committed to looking for a serious relationship and the fact that they’re willing to pay membership fees verifies that.

Choose Someone Who Is Compatible

If you really want to find someone to spend time with and develop a connection, it can be tempting to lower the bar and give just anyone a chance. While it’s great to keep your options open, it’s important to make sure you aren’t wasting your time on someone you wouldn’t be compatible with. Review their profile before starting up a conversation and make sure they haven’t indicated anything that you don’t think you would be okay with in the future.

Focus On Getting To Know Each Other

You don’t have to rush into meeting each other right away. To develop a deeper connection, it may be smart to really get to know each other online with e-mail and instant messaging and move on to phone conversations. Taking it slow and meeting once you’re both ready will most likely make both of you feel more comfortable and at ease with each other which will make your first date go that much more smoothly.

Stay Positive and Optimistic

Not every online encounter you have is going to go the way your like and you won’t always hit it off with everyone you talk to. Accepting rejection and moving on from it will allow you to be pleasant and optimistic when meeting someone new rather than acting bitter and cynical and possibly scaring them off. This applies as well to any offline experience you’ve had that may have left you bitter. Putting your friendliest foot forward is sure to give you better reactions and responses from possible love interests.

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How To Get Started With Singles Dating Sites

After several of your good friends met their romantic partners through singles dating sites, you have decided to give the world of internet dating a go. You will be more successful and have a more enjoyable experience if you follow these beginner’s tips.

(1) Decide on which singles dating sites you wish to join.

Visit each website. Look at the special features and format that each site offers. Look at the costs involved with membership. Look at the payment types accepted, such as VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal. Ensure that the site offers secure and safe payment options.  For detailed information, read the “About Us” page, the “Frequently Asked Questions” page and the “Privacy Page.”  Find out if the service caters to professional people, seniors, single parents, people from special ethnic  groups or members from specific religious groups.

Some singles dating sites offer you a chance to search through profiles and photos before you commit to joining. Some dating sites offer a free trial period.  Search for a singles dating sites that offers members the ability to send email messages through a special email address provided by the service and the ability to send instant messages (IMs) to fellow members.

Talk to friends and family who have participated in singles dating sites for their personal recommendations. Ask them to share their personal experiences with you about the various dating services that they utilized. Value your friends and family’s advice, as it is more authentic than the advertisements and testimonials used by dating sites.

(2) Decide what characteristics and values you are searching for in your “perfect match.”

Work on building self-awareness so that you know your own abilities, preferences and relational needs. Take time to reflect seriously on the traits and values you desire in a future romantic partner. In a journal or using a word processor, record a list of “Top 10? or “Top 20? characteristics that you want most in a mate. Think about your dreams for yourself and your future relationship partner. Characteristics including intelligence, sense of humor, integrity, honesty, faithfulness, patience,  playfulness, and respectfulness usually rank among the top traits people desire in their romantic companion.

Decide on the items that are “Deal Breakers” for you, such as someone who smokes cigarettes, does drugs, drinks too much alcohol, gambles, is disrespectful or has anger management problems. Decide whether you would prefer someone who has never been married and has no children, or it you are okay with dating someone who has been married or who has children. If your religion is very important to you, then make finding someone who shares your moral and religious values a priority for you in your search for your ideal partner.

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Can Online Dating Sites Really Help You Find Mr./Miss Right?

Can Online Dating Sites Really Help You Find Mr./Miss Right?

In a world filled with busy, career-oriented people, many professionals are deciding to join online dating sites in the hopes of meeting their future romantic partner. A reputable online dating site provides each member with a detailed dating profile to fill in and usually offers a compatibility questionnaire before a member joins the site. Well-organized dating services employ sophisticated match-matching processes that enable each user to receive quality, well-suited matches. As online dating sites grow in popularity, with a variety of sites having millions of members, more and more men and women these days are discovering the love of their lives online.

Follow these guidelines to help you find your Mr. or Miss Right online:

(1) First of all, before you can be happy and fulfilled in a romantic relationship, you need to be happy and complete in yourself. Don’t buy into the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.” Each person has to be whole and holistically healthy within themselves before they are ready to find their life partner.

(2) In order to prepare yourself for meeting your perfect match, devote time to taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. Invest time in your favorite hobby or special interest. Make sure that you are maintaining and healthy diet and exercising regularly. Think positively about yourself and work on developing a healthy self-esteem.

(3) Create an imaginative, genuine and well-written dating profile. Include special stories that illustrate your authentic personality. Share details about your favorite interests and hobbies, memorable anecdotes about your education and career, and charming stories about your family, pets and friends. Paint an appealing and lovable picture of yourself through your profile essay.

(4) Once you have joined an online dating site, take the time to complete all aspects of your dating profile. Your matches will be able to tell if you are serious about finding a partner by the amount of care and detail you put into your profile. Make sure that your writing is free from spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes. Take time when selecting your photos to upload to your profile. Make sure they are respectable, attractive and welcoming photos of yourself.

(5) Remember that finding your Mr. or Miss Right is a journey and give yourself plenty of time to be matched with the best possible partner. Devote some time every day or every other day to reviewing your new matches, responding to messages or emails from matches that you are interested in, and pursuing contact with any match that catches your attention. Part of the process with online dating is trial-and-error. When you are matched with people who don’t meet your expectations, because their profile turns you off, your values aren’t compatible or you don’t feeling physically attracted to them, then kindly but firmly close the match and send them a polite but assertive email such as “Thank you for your message. I don’t feel that we are a match. Good luck in your search.” Think positively. Every day you are getting closer to meeting your future soul mate.

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