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Online Dating Site Safety Tips For Women

You are a strong, independent woman. You are proud of your educational and professional accomplishments. You are at a place in your life where you are ready to get serious about finding a wonderful, intelligent, caring boyfriend who will hopefully become your devoted husband one day. After several unsuccessful long-term relationships, you have taken time to recuperate, take care of yourself and reevaluate your priorities. Now, after time away from the dating scene, you feel that you are ready to take several cautious steps into the online dating pool.

You have decided on joining an online dating site because you want to broaden your search for the man of your dreams. You appreciate how the online dating site allows you to choose the age range, religion, geographical location and ethnic background of your potential matches. You are ready to put together a compelling dating profile and start looking for love, but you want to keep your personal safety and privacy your first priority.

Follow these safety and privacy tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable online dating experience.

1) When you write your profile, avoid sharing any information that could reveal your identity. Do not share your last name, your phone number, your email address or your home address. Do not share your place of employment, the name of your church, or the name of your health club. Many online dating sites have members create a “username,” which they use instead of your first name, so then you don’t even have to reveal your first name until you get to know someone well.

2) When you select photos to add to your profile, be extra careful to avoid revealing any personal information. People can gather a lot of information about someone by looking at their photos. Avoid posting photos of you standing in front of your house, you standing next to your car, or you with the sign of any event or club.

3) While communicating with your matches, exercise extra caution. Utilize the online dating site to send emails and messages. Do not use your work email address or personal email address. When you get to the stage where you feel comfortable talking to a man on the phone, ensure that you are the one making the phone calls and arrange with your phone company to block your phone number. Do not reveal your phone number until after you meet the potential suitor and feel comfortable with him. If the match lives a long distance away from you and you won’t be able to meet for several weeks or months, only share your phone number with him after you have been emailing and messaging one another for at least several weeks and you have had several quality phone conversations with him. Remember that there are a variety of websites that can reveal your full name and home address when a person types in your home phone number.

4) Research each potential suitor carefully, especially before meeting him in person. Find out as much information about each man as you possibly can. Once you know his last name, you can use various government website to look into his background. Several websites allow you to perform a criminal record search on someone. Do a “Google search” with your match’s full name and see if your search generates any information. Ask your match important questions about his background, values and expectations before meeting him.

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Online Dating Site Profile Tips For Women

Once you have selected which online dating site to join, it is time for writing a captivating and humorous dating profile that will catch the attention of would-be suitors. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your profile stands out from the crowd.

(1) Create a clever and fun username. This is the name that other members will refer to you by, instead of you having to reveal your real first name. Think carefully while creating your username or “handle.” You want to create a name that is original, personal and inviting, without making it too long or complicated. Avoid names that are cliche or too cutesy, such as “YourFutureWife23? or “GirlOfYourDreams31.” For safety reasons, do not use your real name in your username.

(2) Create a memorable tag line. A tag line is a one-line statement that introduces you to singles searching the online dating site. The tag line is usually featured prominently along side your primary photo and username when you appear in a potential suitor’s search list. Avoid using a clichTd statement and opt instead for writing a one-liner that is insightful and creative. It is recommended that you change your tag line once in a while to keep your profile fresh and updated.

(3) Take time to seriously reflect upon what qualities and characteristics are most important to you in your future romantic partner. Think about what type of man you hope to attract into your life before your writing your dating profile. Reflect on the most essential personality traits that you need in a romantic partner and make a note of them to include in your profile. Consider also the traits or habits that you can’t stand in a partner, your “deal breakers,” as this will help you refine your search for Mr. Right. You should define the kind of relationship you are looking for.

(4) Carefully write your dating profile essay. Concentrate on the primary “About Me” section, which will be the first part that male matches will see when they arrive at your profile. Before writing, brainstorm in a journal or in a word processing document all of the important parts about yourself that you plan on incorporating into your “About Me” essay. List your personal interests, hobbies, general information about your education and career, and interesting details about your family and pet(s). After brainstorming your ideas, go back and decide upon the information that you think is the most entertaining and endearing. Create an interesting story using the important information about yourself that you have selected. You make wish to write about your favourite place, such as your family’s cottage or a state or provincial park. You should try to craft an amusing anecdote for your matches to read that will make them laugh and encourage them to remember your profile.

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Can Online Dating Sites Really Help You Find Mr./Miss Right?

Can Online Dating Sites Really Help You Find Mr./Miss Right?

In a world filled with busy, career-oriented people, many professionals are deciding to join online dating sites in the hopes of meeting their future romantic partner. A reputable online dating site provides each member with a detailed dating profile to fill in and usually offers a compatibility questionnaire before a member joins the site. Well-organized dating services employ sophisticated match-matching processes that enable each user to receive quality, well-suited matches. As online dating sites grow in popularity, with a variety of sites having millions of members, more and more men and women these days are discovering the love of their lives online.

Follow these guidelines to help you find your Mr. or Miss Right online:

(1) First of all, before you can be happy and fulfilled in a romantic relationship, you need to be happy and complete in yourself. Don’t buy into the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, “You complete me.” Each person has to be whole and holistically healthy within themselves before they are ready to find their life partner.

(2) In order to prepare yourself for meeting your perfect match, devote time to taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. Invest time in your favorite hobby or special interest. Make sure that you are maintaining and healthy diet and exercising regularly. Think positively about yourself and work on developing a healthy self-esteem.

(3) Create an imaginative, genuine and well-written dating profile. Include special stories that illustrate your authentic personality. Share details about your favorite interests and hobbies, memorable anecdotes about your education and career, and charming stories about your family, pets and friends. Paint an appealing and lovable picture of yourself through your profile essay.

(4) Once you have joined an online dating site, take the time to complete all aspects of your dating profile. Your matches will be able to tell if you are serious about finding a partner by the amount of care and detail you put into your profile. Make sure that your writing is free from spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure mistakes. Take time when selecting your photos to upload to your profile. Make sure they are respectable, attractive and welcoming photos of yourself.

(5) Remember that finding your Mr. or Miss Right is a journey and give yourself plenty of time to be matched with the best possible partner. Devote some time every day or every other day to reviewing your new matches, responding to messages or emails from matches that you are interested in, and pursuing contact with any match that catches your attention. Part of the process with online dating is trial-and-error. When you are matched with people who don’t meet your expectations, because their profile turns you off, your values aren’t compatible or you don’t feeling physically attracted to them, then kindly but firmly close the match and send them a polite but assertive email such as “Thank you for your message. I don’t feel that we are a match. Good luck in your search.” Think positively. Every day you are getting closer to meeting your future soul mate.

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What Are The Risks Of Online Dating Sites?

You are seriously considering joining a reputable online dating site. You are hopeful at the prospect of possibly meeting your soulmate. You are eager to get started with the process of receiving matches and reading dating profiles. However, you want to stay safe and approach online dating in a smart way.

Although the majority of members of an online dating site are honest, good and genuine people, unfortunately hundreds of thousands of people are taken advantage of by internet dating scams. Be aware of any “red flags” that you notice with any of your matches.

Follow these helpful tips to avoid an online dating scam.

Be observant of discrepancies in your match’s emails. Be very cautious if you experience any of the following problems:

a) The email communication from your match is difficult to understand, is repeated or is oddly vague.
b) You receive a response from the match within ten to twenty minutes every time you send him/her a message, even though you never discussed when you would be online again.
c) You notice that emails from your match change in grammar, spelling, style, language or overall tone throughout your communication with him/ her.
d) Early on in your communication, your match shares a heart-wrenching story that quickly turns into an emergency, and he/she informs you that you are the only one who can help.
e) Your match fails to offer you any personal or detailed information about himself/herself.
f) He or she does not respond to your emails or messages in a personal way, but instead change the topic each time he/ she sends another email.
g) You sense that the emails or messages that you are receiving from this match don’t contain meaningful and appropriate responses. Consider whether or not the person is sending you copied-and-pasted responses from a pre-written script or outline.
h) The person asks you to cash someone’s money order or check for him/her. Say no!
i) The person asks you for money. Avoid giving anyone any money.
j) Be wary if the match’s profile photos look fake or unrealistic. It likely means that the photos have been tampered with, or worse, the photos might be of another person entirely and just used to hook potential matches into communicating with him/her.

Safety and Privacy Tips

Be very careful not to reveal you actual last name to a match until you feel that you have gotten to know the person and you feel that they are trustworthy. Be careful not to reveal your personal email address until you have been communicating for a good while through the online dating site and you feel comfortable sharing your email address with them. Do not share your phone number with a match until you feel very safe and comfortable with them over email. Never reveal your personal address until you have gone through the process of communicating online for a good amount of time, have had many successful phone conversations, and have met in person in safe, public places a variety of times.

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How To Say No To Dating Contacts on Online Dating Sites

While there are a lot of benefits to online dating sites, you will occasionally be presented with a situation in which you have to turn somebody down. It might be because you perceive that other individual to be physically incompatible with you, too old or too young for you, too far away geographically, or it can be that you simply do not think that the two of you share enough values and interests in common. How to delicately handle the situation so as not to create a problem for yourself is something that people have struggled with since the advent of online dating sites. Here are some suggestions that might make the process significantly easier for both you and the other person.

To the extent that this is somebody who you have not had any previous contact with, the best course of action is often to simply close the match. Some dating websites such as eHarmony offer users the opportunity to simply press a button labeled “Close Match” if you are not interested in pursuing contact with the other person. You simply select one of the “reasons” for closing the match and the person is moved to your “closed matches” file.

With other online dating sites, ignore any messages the individual sends you. While this may seem a little bit extreme, some individuals might react negatively to a comment indicating that you are not interested. So if you have had no previous contact with somebody and they initiate contact with you, and you decide that an incompatibility exists, most experts agree you should not respond at all.

If you have had a series of contacts with an individual and you decide for whatever reason that an incompatibility exists, experts suggest being very firm and friendly in explaining that you don’t think enough compatibility exists to continue having contact with the individual. You need to explain that you want to move on and that you would appreciate if the other person understood and respected your decision. After this, experts agree you should have no further contact with the individual whatsoever.

The final scenario is one in which somebody continues to incessantly make contact with you despite your having clearly indicated that there is no interest in pursuing a relationship on your part. It is important to you than block this individual from being able to contact you through the dating site, and that you report your concern to the administrators.

By following this advice, you will be able to better manage the contacts that you have with people whom you meet via online dating sites.

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